Why Switch To An EMV Card Reader? from Nayax

Fraud is on the rise nationwide, especially at unattended laundromats because criminals know that laundromats are often easy targets for quick cash. 

Thankfully, one solution to stop fraud in your laundromat is an EMV card reader because it will enable your customers to pay with their cards, without having to use cash or coin. 

Safe And Convenient 

Once you install an EMV card reader on the machines in your laundromat you’ll never be reliant on cash or coin payments again because your customers can either tap, swipe, or insert their card into the reader to complete their payment transaction.  

With a secure Nayax EMV card reader, your customers will also have greater peace of mind in knowing that their payments are secure, and they will be less of a target for criminals, compared to when they use just cash or coin for payments. 

Offers Your Customers Multiple Ways to Pay 

Besides being a safe and convenient way to make payments, an EMV card reader also will attract more laundry customers to your business because they know that they will have multiple ways to pay. 

Most importantly, an EMV card reader will also lower your fraud liability as well because if fraud occurs, the liability falls on the bank, not the business. 

A Hassle-Free Addition to Your Business 

Let’s face it, growth is important in your business, but you also want to achieve growth that won’t come with an additional commitment of time and money. 

Thankfully, the Nayax EMV card reader will be an addition to your business that won’t take up your time since it runs quietly, accepting all forms of payment, while increasing the revenue of your laundromat. 

This card reader is a win-win for any laundromat because it requires minimal maintenance, offers 24-7 remote monitoring and it will accept most payment methods that consumers use today. 

EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) are the new standards for payments in the 2020’s that have replaced ‘old school’ credit and debit cards because EMV cards come embedded with microchips that encrypt data and prevent fraud. 

  • Increase your machine revenue
  • Accept every payment method
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Management platform
  • 24/7 remote monitoring & telemetry
  • Loyalty program
  • Minimal Maintenance 

To learn more about EMV card readers, shop Nayax, visit https://www.nayax.com