What Are the Pros and Cons of An Unattended Vs. Attended Laundromat? 

Are you planning on investing in a laundromat but you’re not sure if you should invest in an attended vs. unattended laundromat?  

As with any investment, there are pros and cons of either opportunity that must be considered before investing your hard-earned capital.  

This is why in this article; we will break down the pros and cons of attended vs. unattended laundromats, to aid you in making the right investment. 

Unattended Laundromats 

Let’s face it, automation is preferred in the 2020’s because people want to have things available to them, on their schedules, and this also includes laundromats. 

Unattended laundromats are ideal because you can save up to 15% of your gross income on labor since you won’t need to have anyone physically working at the facility, but these types of laundromats also have their downsides as well. 

  • Crime – Unattended laundromats can easily become magnets for criminals, especially if they know that nobody will be there to stop them. 
  • Repairs – As with any machine, unattended laundromat machines will need repairs, and if there isn’t an attendant on site to deal with those repairs, money can easily be lost. 
  • Customer Preference – Some customers may choose not to use your unattended laundromat because they prefer to have someone on site to help them if they need assistance. 

Thankfully, when you utilize 24/7 monitoring at your unattended laundromat, you can easily stay on the lookout for crime, and when you utilize smart technology you can always be notified when your machines are in need of repair. 

Attended Laundromats 

Even though some laundromats are moving away from the attended laundromat model, the reality is that having an attendant onsite means that you will have someone there who knows how to do more than wash and fold. 

Your attendant can also assist with keeping the laundromat clean, and your attended facility may also attract more customers who prefer to get their laundry done at a laundromat that’s staffed with a real person vs. doing their laundry at an unattended laundromat. 

Yes, attendants do ultimately pay for themselves because they can also serve as the ‘face’ of your laundromat by providing customer service, refunding money, and providing other services that help to drive revenue for your laundromat. 

Ultimately, the decision is up to you but if you think about the location, it may make sense to invest in an unattended laundromat.  


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