Own A Mobile Laundry Trailer

Lang Specialty Laundry Trailers give end users the ability to easily do laundry anywhere, any time, and under nearly any circumstance. Mobile laundry trailers are an excellent resource in a diverse number of industries including disaster relief, oil and gas fields, mining, homeless outreach, special events, and many other instances where quick mobile laundry deployment is needed.   Lang Specialty Trailers mobile laundry units are durable, low maintenance, and end user friendly. Set up of our Laundry Trailer is fast and simple. Simply back the trailer into place, level it, lower the stabilizing jacks, fold out the handrails, lower the fold … Continue reading Own A Mobile Laundry Trailer

Remote Laundry Room, A Mobile Self-Service Laundromat

Laundry is one of the most time-consuming jobs that people don’t look forward to doing, but they know that they have to get the laundry done sometime.  Thanks to Remote Laundry Room, you can offer laundry services from any location. These mobile units are adaptable, self-contained, and can be used for any situation, or scenario where laundry services are needed.  How Does It Work?  Like any traditional laundry room, the Remote Laundry Room offers everything you need to offer laundry services right from their adaptable and self-contained laundry trailer.  Each trailer contains plumbing, gas, electrical, and a gray water line plus … Continue reading Remote Laundry Room, A Mobile Self-Service Laundromat