How To Sell Your Laundromat, by Larry Larsen

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO SELL MY BUSINESS?The best time to sell is when a Laundromat is doing well and has good visual appeal. Although almost every Laundromat can be sold, if you wait until the lease is almost gone or you’ve let the equipment fall into disrepair, it will make a sale more difficult and the selling price will suffer. WHY NOT SELL THE BUSINESS MYSELF?Most owners find that dealing with buyers and all their issues including financial qualifications, financing options, analysis of business records and negotiating an offer to purchase can be very frustrating. Working with all … Continue reading How To Sell Your Laundromat, by Larry Larsen

Basic Necessities of a Laundromat

The Laundromat will need certain utilities to operate the store.  These are the utilities required for the average HK equipped 20 washer Laundromat.  If these utilities are not available in the store, they will have to be brought in at additional expense. The minimum utilities should consist of: If heating the hot water with oil then you have to provide for a 1000 gallon oil tank, but your gas supply is then reduced to 1-1/2 million BTU’s/hr.  Laundromats can also be equipped to operate on LP gas.  Sizing & tank requirements can be determined by your local LP gas company. … Continue reading Basic Necessities of a Laundromat


Laundromat businesses face stiff competition from other laundromats, community laundry facilities, dry cleaners, and in-home laundry equipment. That means that laundromat owners have to work hard to promote their businesses and attract new customers. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to effectively promote your new or existing business and build your customer base without breaking the bank. Define Your Brand Everything related to your business, from the signage to the decor, website, social media accounts, advertisements, and more should have a consistent look and feel. Take a moment to define your brand, including your logo, colors, style, etc. and stay true … Continue reading EFFECTIVE WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR LAUNDRY BUSINESS

Questions To Ask Before Investing

Questions To Ask Before Investing in An Existing Laundromat Laundry Business. Are you planning on investing in an existing laundromat business? You’re making a smart choice because, laundry continues to be a service that everyone needs, and laundromats continue to produce passive income while other businesses fail.  Before investing in an existing laundromat, make sure you ask these questions first.  Question #1 – What Are Your Average Monthly Operating Costs?  The first and most important question to ask before investing in an existing laundromat is what are the average monthly operating costs at the location?  Don’t take the owner’s word … Continue reading Questions To Ask Before Investing