Add New Revenue Stream with HappyNest  

Want to add a new revenue stream to your laundry business? If so, why not partner with Happynest? 

HappyNest provides the software, marketing, and customer service aspects of the laundry pickup and delivery business.

With 130 partners in 34 states, they make it possible for you to focus on your strengths by building your wash and fold laundry business, while HappyNest software streamlines your customers demand for laundry pickup and delivery services in your area. 

Boost Your Laundry Business Revenue with HappyNest 

Growing your business is awesome but what’s even more ideal is realizing that growth without having to invest in s new location or washers and dryers. 

HappyNest makes that possible because their services provide you with a laundry ‘business in a box’ that you can use to tap into the demand for pickup and delivery laundry services. 

When you partner with HappyNest, you will have all the resources that you need to build your business including the best quality software, partner support, marketing resources, customer services and more. 

Partner With a National Brand 

Brand awareness is everything in today’s business world and the same is true when you’re building a laundry business. 

By partnering with HappyNest, your customers laundry will be picked up in a branded vehicle and returned the next day after being washed, fluffed, and folded. 

“Partnering with HappyNest is a great way to maximize machine capacity to satisfy customer demand, without the $100k price tag of adding a new location.” –Turner Scott

To learn more about HappyNest software program, visit their website at, call (855) 335-9274, or email.