The M&B Hangers Advantage

M&B is one of the most trusted manufacturers of industrial hangers in the United States. And it’s easy to see why: our hangers stand out and hold true to their end of the bargain! Here’s How M&B Hangers Stand Out: Top-notch Manufacturing Technology M&B Hangers prides itself on our innovative hanger manufacturing technology. Our hangers are manufactured in-house and engineered based on years of thorough research and listening to our customers. The result is clear: machines that bring you the hangers that sufficiently meet your every need. Expertly Designed and Crafted Our hanger selections are expertly crafted and designed for … Continue reading The M&B Hangers Advantage

Maxi Movers’ Super Rugged Garment Delivery Trucks

Searching for the most efficient way to move laundry inside your commercial laundry business? If so, Maxi Movers offers super rugged trucks that are made to deliver heavy loads daily.  Having the right laundry trucks is an essential part of any laundry business because you want to give your employees the ability to safely transport soiled, folded, and clean laundry.  Maxi Movers laundry delivery trucks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all designed specifically for moving large loads of laundry around in any facility.  Choose The Laundry Truck That You Need  It doesn’t matter if you need a … Continue reading Maxi Movers’ Super Rugged Garment Delivery Trucks

Tingue Announces Commercial Laundry Parts EStore

Need parts and supplies for your commercial laundry business? Tingue, a leading supplier of supplies and parts for commercial laundries worldwide, has announced that they’ve opened a new e-commerce store at  Their new store will make it easier than ever before fore commercial laundry businesses to find the parts and supplies that they need, especially since Tingue offers a very comprehensive collection of replacement parts for most major commercial washers, ironers, and dryers.  Saves Time and Money  Commercial laundry owners know that it’s sometimes not possible to find the parts that they need in their local area. With the … Continue reading Tingue Announces Commercial Laundry Parts EStore

Laundromat Business, Essential Supplies Your Business Needs

Every business in the 2020’s has essential supplies that it requires to stay a functional business, especially laundromats!  Failure to have the right supplies always available means that you could risk losing business, especially if you must temporarily shut down one or more of your machines because you didn’t have the right supplies available to keep them running.   This is why in this article we will provide you with a list of essential supplies that you must factor into your monthly business budget.  Laundromat Supplies for Your Customers   It doesn’t matter if you have an attended or unattended laundromat, your … Continue reading Laundromat Business, Essential Supplies Your Business Needs