The Advantages of SelfOp Laundry Payment Technology

In the fast-paced world of laundry businesses, providing convenient payment options is essential for enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining operations. SelfOp Laundry brings you cutting-edge payment technology that revolutionizes how transactions are conducted within your laundry facility. In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages of SelfOp Laundry’s payment technology and how it can take your laundry business to the next level. 1. Effortless Convenience: With SelfOp Laundry’s payment technology, the days of dealing with coins or tokens are long gone. Our seamless and user-friendly payment systems offer customers the convenience of using credit cards, mobile payment apps, or contactless … Continue reading The Advantages of SelfOp Laundry Payment Technology

ShinPay Laundry Payment System, No WiFi Needed

ShinePay Offers Coin-operated Commercial Laundry Machines Integrated With Mobile Payments. Attract new customers to your laundromat with mobile payments! ShinePay’s scan to pay process is simple and intuitive for your customers. Payment info is securely stored on their phone making for a simple, elegant and fast process for vending. Cashless laundry systems are quickly becoming the gold standard—don’t get left behind. For more information visit website at, Call Today 510-822-6971, or email Also see: Suppliers Directory, Software, Transaction Processing Continue reading ShinPay Laundry Payment System, No WiFi Needed

KioSoft’s CleanPay Surpasses 2 Million Users

Mobile payments are the future for all industries, especially laundromats, because customers want to have the convenience and flexibility of paying with their phones, instead of just using cash or coin.  KioSoft’s CleanPay mobile app has been a leading payment app for the laundry industry for years, and they now have more than 2 million users worldwide who use this app for their laundry payment needs.  Cashless payments are a huge advantage for any laundry business because they also are a contactless alternative for people who want to avoid spreading viruses.  To get started with CleanPay, all a user must … Continue reading KioSoft’s CleanPay Surpasses 2 Million Users

Why Switch To An EMV Card Reader? from Nayax

Fraud is on the rise nationwide, especially at unattended laundromats because criminals know that laundromats are often easy targets for quick cash.  Thankfully, one solution to stop fraud in your laundromat is an EMV card reader because it will enable your customers to pay with their cards, without having to use cash or coin.  Safe And Convenient  Once you install an EMV card reader on the machines in your laundromat you’ll never be reliant on cash or coin payments again because your customers can either tap, swipe, or insert their card into the reader to complete their payment transaction.   With … Continue reading Why Switch To An EMV Card Reader? from Nayax