Tingue Announces Commercial Laundry Parts EStore

Need parts and supplies for your commercial laundry business? Tingue, a leading supplier of supplies and parts for commercial laundries worldwide, has announced that they’ve opened a new e-commerce store at shop.tingue.com.  Their new store will make it easier than ever before fore commercial laundry businesses to find the parts and supplies that they need, especially since Tingue offers a very comprehensive collection of replacement parts for most major commercial washers, ironers, and dryers.  Saves Time and Money  Commercial laundry owners know that it’s sometimes not possible to find the parts that they need in their local area. With the … Continue reading Tingue Announces Commercial Laundry Parts EStore

Royal Baskets, Ideal for The Laundry Industry

Laundry Baskets are an essential tool that are used every day in commercial laundromats nationwide because they are the first thing that customers or employees grab to load laundry to bring it into the laundromat, and they are the last thing that are used to unload laundry from washers and dryers.  When you order baskets for your laundromat, you want baskets that are heavy duty and able to withstand the rigors of busy, daily use.  The good news is that Royal baskets offers a wide variety of laundry baskets ranging from tapered wire, to heavy duty carts, that can be … Continue reading Royal Baskets, Ideal for The Laundry Industry