Remote Laundry Room, A Mobile Self-Service Laundromat

Laundry is one of the most time-consuming jobs that people don’t look forward to doing, but they know that they have to get the laundry done sometime. 

Thanks to Remote Laundry Room, you can offer laundry services from any location. These mobile units are adaptable, self-contained, and can be used for any situation, or scenario where laundry services are needed. 

How Does It Work? 

Like any traditional laundry room, the Remote Laundry Room offers everything you need to offer laundry services right from their adaptable and self-contained laundry trailer. 

Each trailer contains plumbing, gas, electrical, and a gray water line plus it’s retrofitted to function at any destination including tent and camping facilities, truck stops, and RV parks. 

About The Remote Laundry Room 

The Remote Laundry Trailer can be towed by more tow capable vehicles and they can be used to offer temporary or permanent laundry service wherever they are placed. 

Made in Lee’s Summit Missouri, the Remote Laundry Room can also be used where a natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado, or similar natural disaster strikes because it’s not uncommon for some cities to go weeks without laundry services.  

The US Military has also used the Remote Laundry Room in recent years to ensure cleanliness and health following a disaster and provide a sense of normalcy to rebuilding communities.  

A Service Everyone Needs 

What’s ideal about the Remote Laundry Room is that laundry is a service that everyone needs because, unless people like walking around in dirty clothes, they will have to get their laundry done sooner, rather than later. 

You can capitalize on the demand for laundry services, especially if you live in a vacation venue, resort town, college town or take the Remote Laundry Room on the road and offer laundry services where it’s needed. 

Learn More  

For more information about the Remote Laundry Room, visit their website at, call (866) 466-1036, or email