Planning On Opening a Laundromat? Make Sure You Utilize Its Full Potential

Laundromats are an ideal investment in 2023 clean laundry is something that everyone needs and with more people renting vs. buying homes than ever before, a laundromat offers a valuable service. 

Sadly, many laundromat owners do themselves a disservice by not utilizing their locations full potential when they are getting started. 

What causes owners to not utilize the full potential of their laundromats? The answer can be traced to a variety of reasons but the most common is using poor quality commercial washers and dryers. 

Maytag® Commercial Laundry – A Brand You Can Trust 

You may have used Maytag® washers and dryers in your home for years but did you know that they also make commercial laundry equipment? 

With Maytag’s commercial laundry equipment, you can have confidence that you’re getting commercial washers and dryers that are ruggedly built, dependable, and ready to help your laundry business grow. 

Besides offering state of the art equipment, Maytag® also specializes in helping owners choose the right location for their laundromats, determining an adequate machine mix and more. 

Get The Right Laundry Machines for Your Business 

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong commercial laundry machines for your business that will only break down and cause you more trouble than they are worth. 

When you choose Maytag’s commercial laundry machines, you can have confidence that their machines are ‘purpose-built’ and tested for the daily rigors of your laundromat. 

To learn more about Maytag and their commercial laundry machines, visit their website at