Willard’s Laundromat And Café, The Washboard Café

Walking into The Washboard Café, guests are welcomed by the aromas of brewing coffee and fresh laundry detergent, a one-of-a-kind experience in the Ozarks. In preparation for its two-year anniversary, Willard’s laundromat café has also opened its own in-house donut shop. The Washboard Café, located at 520 E Jackson St Suite A, Willard, MO 65781. Co-owner Josie Wodtke said she arrives at the café around 3:30 a.m. each morning to start making a fresh batch for the day. Usually, all the pastries are sold by noon. In addition to traditional glazed donuts and long johns, the café serves muffins, scones, … Continue reading Willard’s Laundromat And Café, The Washboard Café

Young Couple Buys and Renovates Old Laundromat In South Carolina

One couple’s journey to renovate a tired laundromat has captured viral attention as they finally opened their new and improved community hub. Erin Carpenter, 30, and her husband Jonathan, 33, have been renovating properties for years, and while on the hunt for their next project stumbled on a laundromat in their hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. “A laundromat was never really on my radar personally, but Jon is a very smart entrepreneur and businessman, he’s always been interested in the concept of a laundromat,” Carpenter told Newsweek. Married in June 2020, the couple had their own experience of using laundromats during … Continue reading Young Couple Buys and Renovates Old Laundromat In South Carolina

What Does It Take to Run a Successful Laundry Business? 

Are you planning on investing in a laundry business? If so, you’re making a smart choice, but you also may be wondering what it takes to run a successful laundry business.   In this article we will breakdown the keys to running a successful laundry business so that you will know what skills you need to have as an owner once you get started in your laundry business.  #1 – Be A Great Listener  The first essential skill that you must have as a laundry business owner is the ability to be a great listener to not only your employees but … Continue reading What Does It Take to Run a Successful Laundry Business? 

Happy Bubbles Tripled Revenue with Cents 

With 60 washers and 32 dryers in their business, Happy Bubbles specializes in wash-dry-fold, pickup, and delivery, like most self-serve laundromats in the United States.  The problem is that like most laundry businesses, they were still managing their business by hand, writing everything down and that can grow burdensome, especially for an employee run business.  Thanks to Cents, an integrated POS platform that’s designed for laundry businesses, the company has been able to triple their laundry revenue, streamline employee operations, and improve the customer experience while also boosting pickups and delivery revenue.  Easy To Learn Platform  Unlike some POS platforms … Continue reading Happy Bubbles Tripled Revenue with Cents 

Commitment to Doing Good, Close to Home

Most companies have the goal of building a successful business while also making a difference in the community where their locations are placed.  Did you know that Laundry Capital is the largest retail laundromat company in the United States? Laundry Capital Co, LLC has managed to successfully build a portfolio of 80 laundry centers along the East Coast while successfully making an impact in the communities where those locations reside.  National Laundry Day   Finding the right way to impact communities didn’t happen overnight, like most businesses, Laundry Capital Co started out by trying different approaches to reach the communities where … Continue reading Commitment to Doing Good, Close to Home

New Owners Bring Social Services to Burlington Laundromat

King Street Laundry is a small space, and on Jan. 15, it was more bustling than usual.  Conversations took place amid the sounds of whirring washers and tumbling dryers. One of the loudest voices belonged to the laundromat’s owners, Andrew Christiansen, who enthusiastically greeted visitors at the door.  Some arrived with baskets of clothes, wondering what all the commotion was about. Others had come looking for employment. Near the front door was a table filled with pastries and coffee. A team from Working Fields, a staffing agency with a specialty of finding employment for vulnerable populations, was stationed near the door, … Continue reading New Owners Bring Social Services to Burlington Laundromat

Starting a Laundromat Business in 2023

Benefits of Starting a Laundromat Business  When launching a business, it’s important to understand whether it’s the right fit for one’s personality, skills, and goals. Here’s a snapshot of the key advantages of launching a laundromat business: Zero in on the Right Business Model Laundromats are not a one-size-fits-all business. There are several laundromat business ideas to explore based on evolving consumer needs, the location of the laundromat, as well as the size of the business you intend to create. Here are some options to consider: Growth of Laundromat Tech  Consumers no longer wish to wait in long queues. At times, they … Continue reading Starting a Laundromat Business in 2023

Jono Bought a Side Hustle and Tripled Revenue in One Year

For his side hustle, this week’s guest didn’t start from scratch. Instead, he bought a business that was already profitable, then he went out and tripled the revenue in his first year — all while working a full-time job. Jono Santamaria from Melbourne, Australia is the proud owner of Nina’s Laundrette, a local self-service laundromat. Jono bought the business a year and a half ago to diversify his investments. When he took over, he implemented several changes to dramatically improve revenue and profitability. A laundromat fit the bill, so Jono checked out aggregator websites like SEEK Business to look for laundromats for sale. He … Continue reading Jono Bought a Side Hustle and Tripled Revenue in One Year

Laundromax Offers “Double Your Money”

Following an extensive remodel, Laundromax laundromat, located at 722 Cranston Street in Providence, R.I., will host its official grand opening from Monday, June 13 to Saturday, July 9. The extended celebration includes a DJ, refreshments, and prizes every Saturday, June 18-July 9, and a “double your money” promotion and a chance to win $100, Monday, June 13-Friday, July 8. The 5,000-square-foot laundromat, which was completely renovated with a new interior layout, lighting, flooring, and ceiling, now provides high-speed Electrolux laundry equipment; large, 80-pound capacity washers and dryers for family-sized laundry loads and bulky items; full-service drop-off Wash/Dry/Fold for residential customers and … Continue reading Laundromax Offers “Double Your Money”

New Laundromat Set to Change Perceptions

Greenville laundry is first Speed Queen Laundry franchise in South Carolina. Speed Queen, the global leader in laundromat equipment, announces the first Speed Queen Laundromat franchise in Greenville, South Carolina. Grand opening week activities were slated for Sept. 7 through 14. The Greenville store, located at 3505 West Blue Ridge Drive, offers 2,800 square feet of space, featuring touchscreen controls and washers with capacities ranging from 20 pounds up to giant 80-pound units to make quick work of even the largest of laundry days, along with 45-pound stack tumblers for quick, efficient drying. “We are beyond excited to bring this amazing laundromat to the people of Greenville,” said Dan Bowe, … Continue reading New Laundromat Set to Change Perceptions